Proposal for the Inaugural Visualization of


· Establish memorable brand identity through custom-tailored product visuals.

· Test marketability of inaugural product line.

· Communicate creative vision across entire design and fabrication team.

· Excite potential customers with stunning marketing imagery.


Basic Visualization Package:

· 12 Total Rendered Images
· 3 Design Styles
· 2 Color Schemes
· 1 Staging Environment

Free revisions until 9.24.22
Usage rights limited to Internal Presentation Use only (not for marketing use)


Optional Upgrades:

· Each Additional Rendered Image:  $200
· Each Additional Design Style:  $600
· Each Additional Color Scheme:  $400
· Each Additional Staging Environment:  $800
· Extended Revision Period:  $300 per additional 30 days
· Usage rights extended to Marketing Use (web/social/print, etc.):  $200 per image


Cinematic clips employing camera and lighting movements
dynamically highlighting FORM's inaugural product line
within website banners and backgrounds.

· Full HD (1920x1080):  $85/sec
· QHD (2560x1440):  $120/sec
· 4K (3840x2160):  $145/sec
· Add audio:  +$45/sec

All video rendered at 30fps.
Licensed for Marketing Use (web/social, etc.)
Revisions after 11.07.22:  $30/sec

Ready to roll?

Review and sign the agreement delivered via Adobe Sign.
Signature required by Oct. 11 to ensure final delivery by Nov. 7.

​​​​​​​Let's make something amazing.


The Light We Make
Evan Mott, Visualization for Architecture
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