“This is as good as it gets.
The level of detail Evan has achieved is really compelling.
We have an emotional link with the work he’s done.
Nothing distracts from the experience.”
Fouad Khalil, Founder of Modly

“Evan was fully enrolled in supporting our needs and understanding our goals.
He was engaged in our mission and continually provided new ideas to make the experience better.”
Joseph Yourey, Technology Supervisor at DuPont Inc.

“Evan was very responsive, helpful, and most importantly delivered on his commitments.
I fully expect we’ll be working together again.”
James Chambers, Commercialization Director, Smart Materials Venture at DuPont Inc.

“After the building was complete, I felt like I had already seen it.
Evan gave us the ability to make decisions more clearly.”
Phillip Fulgham, Vice President of Hospice at Saad Healthcare

“We love Evan’s work!  Look forward to working on another project.”
Hans Strauch, President at HDS Architecture

“A short note to say thank you.  Your talent is simply amazing.
I just can't thank you enough and I'm so glad I relinquished this task to you.
So few words for a great job.”
Mike McCurley, President at McCurley & Associates
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